Wind (Vindur)


Meðalfellsvatn – where the wind of change blows

To be more specific The Wind of Change. It blows through our lives as it chooses, for the most part, and we are blown to and fro accordingly. It’s all part of coming to terms with the fact that we are not in control of every aspect of our lives. Sometimes our best laid plans are altered or even canceled altogether because of it.

Last night, and into today, it got quite windy here, not that wind is a complete stranger to Iceland, quite the opposite. Indeed, back in Gettysburg, the wind makes its presence known quite often. It is a force of nature, it is powerful, and it can be destructive. I observe people making quite a fuss over volcanoes, with their ‘explosive eruptions’, ‘huge lava flows’, and ‘giant ash clouds’. Yet I note that similar alarm is not addressed toward tornadoes.  The wind. The wind that leaves a path of destruction in its wake. Houses, and lives, torn asunder and strewn across the landscape. Chaos where once was order. For my part I am far more concerned about tornadoes than volcanoes. You know where you are with a volcano, or, at the very least, you know where the volcano is, and, thus, you can avoid it!

When it gets windy it sets my mind on change. Either change that is about to be forced upon me without any kind of pre-consultation, or, more favorably, change that I ought to be instigating in order to effect positive outcomes. Whichever it is, wind signifies change for me, personally. Given that, it looks like there will be a lot of change in my life, seeing as how I am in Iceland now, where, if it is possible for such a thing as wind to actually be a fixture, wind is.

I had a lot of change as part of the sudden move to Iceland, and there as has been ongoing change as part of settling into life here. It has been significant to say the least. I have achieved quite a lot in such a short period of time, given the circumstances I was in some ten weeks ago or so. Change has become my friend, of sorts, a constant companion. It has been said … the only constant is change. Recent history would tend to validate this claim. As far as is possible for me to do, I embrace change. For it is better to be able to move with the wind as it passes through, and follow it along its path, than to stubbornly try to stand against its inexorable force.

I know there are things in my life I need to be proactive about and change. My location is not conducive to either work or social life. I would benefit greatly from being in a location that facilitates both of those things more readily. The summer house can still serve as a beneficial adjunct, but I need something more practical in terms of living quarters in order to sustain life here, work-wise and socially. My mode of transport is less than ideal. It is great for a vacation regime where the goal is simply to get to and from the summer house in all weather conditions. It does not lend itself to being a solid commuting vehicle. A more appropriate vehicle is definitely required for an adequately sustainable life here.

The wind does horrible, and sometimes amusing, things to my hair. This is not something I enjoy, for the most part. Given that wind is essentially a fixture here in Iceland, I need to effect a change in order to adapt to the circumstances I find myself in currently. I haven’t had a hair cut in … I am going to say at least sixteen years or so (I have lost track, clearly). It’s a small thing to do on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is significant. Yet, it is something I am being drawn, or, perhaps, driven, to do. I tried to seek out a haircut this past Saturday. I got recommendations for three places. All three were closed on Saturdays. I got a further recommendation of a place on the fly (as I was out and about hunting down the illusive hair salon that actually opens on a Saturday). It turned out that place had closed at about 2pm or so.

Okay, so the sought after haircut was clearly not going to happen on Saturday, and we can just completely rule out Sunday without any further thought, can’t we. So I have the choice of a walk-in recommendation this coming Monday right after work, or waiting for an appointment on Thursday. I have not quite decided yet. I do know that it is something I am most definitely going to do. My beard is also potentially on the chopping block, so to speak. Though I cannot bring myself to despatch it prior to the hair upon the upper part of my head. It just doesn’t seem right somehow. Doing both seems like quite a significant change, but then … I am already in the position of being in quite a significant change.

I am going to do what fits best with my circumstances, … I will let the wind carry me where it will.

Bless Bless og Sjáumst!

3 responses to “Wind (Vindur)

  1. Number two all over the head: polar hair and beard. Buy a rechargeable beard trimmer and you’ll be able to re-buzz yourself whenever you want.

    It’ll feel liberating, keep you looking young, and the style will suit you. It’ll scare the crap out of you when you get it done, but that’s the point.

  2. Jeroen: Yes, sir!

    Biskupinn: I have reserved the right to follow your advice to the letter for a future time. 🙂 The beard did get a buzzing though.

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