Draumar / Dreams

Sunlight at Hvalfjörður

Sunlight at Hvalfjörður

It’s been ten months, as of today, since I arrived in ‘The Land’. The next couple of months or so are looking to be especially challenging for me. I hope I can make it through them and emerge the other side in a much better position. I have made it this far, against a lot of odds, and managed to achieve quite a bit, with plans for much much more. I remain optimistic, what else could I be.

Dreams …

I lived ‘The American Dream‘, or so it seemed, for quite some time. There were certainly a lot of good things that happened, things I very much enjoyed, things that brought happiness. I witnessed the entrance of new human beings into the world, and watched them grow into adults. I shared a lot of precious moments with people I loved very deeply. I embraced a family I was not born into, and shared with them the special times in each year, and grew to love them deeply too. I regret none of these things. Precious memories that I will treasure always.

We had ‘The Icelandic Dream‘, or so it seemed, for a time. We shared a vision of how we wanted things to be. We made things happen in a relatively short period of time. Some really good things. We made friends with some really nice people, shared times with them. We even made some special memories with them too, even though the time was brief. None of those things will be forgotten, they are worthy of being treasured also.

Then there was a kind of awakening. The dreams, as good as they were, … well, maybe they were not quite what they seemed. Fair enough. Dreams are only as good as you are willing to make them. If you are not satisfied with them …

So … things changed, as things do.

Now I am on my own again, and I have new dreams, dreams of my own. I will make of them all that I can. I hope to share those dreams with people I care about, some of whom I will care about deeply, again. For now, I am happy and content with the dreams I have. They do not fall short of what I want, they satisfy me enough to continue to believe in them, to continue to strive for them, to continue to hope that I can make them a reality.

I dream of being a pilot, not just a good pilot, but one of the best. Paragliding is in my blood, it courses through my veins, it brings life to my body where there seemed to be none. Every small step I take on this journey feels like a giant leap, and with each step there is much joy. When I am on this journey I feel fulfilled in a way that I have never felt before. I have only just begun, yet even this modest progress has significantly transformed how I feel inside. I know deep down inside that further realization of this dream will only produce more and more joy.

I dream of being a star programmer again, as I once was. Every day I strive to regain that sense of purpose, of fulfillment, of worthiness. I have struggled through all these months doing everything I can to learn again, anew. I make every effort I can to recognize the great value that there is in all the people I find around me. They all have something to offer me, and I to them. Every time I have succeeded in recognizing this, I have benefited. I hope to encourage and empower them all, because they have encouraged and empowered me. Recognizing each individual’s ‘gift’ can take some effort, but the rewards are great. I want all of them to know they have helped me in ways they probably do not know as yet, and I am very grateful to them for that.

The other night I dreamt, it was the kind of dream where you just do not want to wake up, and you want it to continue. I look upon it as a good omen. I take great hope and solace from it, believing that not all my dreams are without fruition.

Bless Bless og Sjáumst!

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