Manstu / Remember

Sunrise over the Gettysburg Battlefields

Sunrise over the Gettysburg Battlefields

There are many things that will not be forgotten …

Sunday mornings shared around the kitchen table, eating pancakes my youngest daughter lovingly prepared. Dotted with chocolate chips, or melted M & M’s, or simply prepared plain. Made into hearts, initial letters, or varying sized circles. Smothered in butter, and sprinkled with powdered sugar, or drizzled with maple syrup. Friendly conversation, and that warmth that comes from being with the ones you love the most, in the place you feel the safest, … home.

Making the ‘Doughnut Run’ to the Dunkin’ Donuts in Taneytown together. Picking out the dozen that best suited everyone (according to our judgement), with a couple of flavored coffees for those that wanted them. Returning, and sitting down at that very same table, with those same people, and enjoying the same quality of company.

Cooking up a version of the classic English breakfast. Scrambled eggs, crispy beef bacon, turkey breakfast sausages, caramelized onions, fried tomatoes, baked beans and fried bread. The smell of malt vinegar and salt wafting upward in the heat that rose from the loaded plates before us. Washed down with a good strong cup of tea. The sound of happy conversation filling the air around us. Being filled with a sense of comfort at having our needs met, both in terms of nutrition, and familiar contact.

Yes, … Sunday mornings shared around the kitchen table were amongst the best times we had. Uncomplicated, close, and comforting.

Playing four player Gauntlet on the Xbox, and saying “The family that slays together, stays together!” Hearing the girls shout “Bomb! Bomb!!” and Mom responding “What? What?!” as the bomb in the chest detonated causing damage because she thought they were yelling “Mom! Mom!!”

Playing Mario Party on the Wii. All those fun little mini-games. With the most enjoyment being had when no one went off in a huff because they weren’t doing too well.

Playing Little Big Planet on the PS3, with all its cute quirkiness. People slapping stickers on each other and pulling one another around on the screen, just for fun. The cooperation that was often possible too. Exploring all the levels together, and then going back over them, using the guide, to get all the items that were missed previously.

Yes, … playing video games together was fun, for the most part. Playful, cooperative, and sometimes just plain silly.

Watching movies in the home theatre that we built together. Sat in recliners, munching on popcorn and candy, and being able to pause at any time when someone needed a break.

Guys’ movie night, father and son, enjoying the testosterone-filled, room-shakingly-loud, action-adventure-extravangzas on a twelve foot by six foot screen in our basement, built from a huge piece of laminate. Appreciating the movie not for its depth, eloquence or sophistication, but for it being an unapologetically fun romp.

Watching HDTV on the big screen, be it LOST, Heroes, whatever. Sometimes sharing that experience with friends who came over to join us too. Being able to see things in a larger-than-life format, surrounded by great quality sound, in the comfort of our own home.

Yes, … watching entertainment together on the big screen was a great shared experience. Easy, fun, and quite varied in terms of content.

Then there are all the meal times, from simple family cooking to fantastically smokey barbecue that took hours to prepare. Be it just our immediate family, or shared with wider family and friends. The trips and vacations, some close by, others in distant lands overseas. The particular events throughout the years, birthdays, holidays, special occasions. Dance recitals, concerts, graduations. All the cool people we met and spent time with together, the people who came over our house and played music their music, the many adventures we had. Even the smallest of things, such as  simply being there in the morning before everyone hurriedly went off to school. Indeed, everything we shared, experienced, and enjoyed together.

All these will continue to be remembered, because they are worthy of that, and there is much joy in remembering them still.

Bless Bless og Sjáumst!

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