Von / Hope



Hope … for things not seen.

I still have hope, and I am so glad I have not lost that too.
I have lost a lot of things, some permanently, some just temporarily.
Anything I have lost permanently, … that would be for the better.
Everything else … I have to have patience.
Patience comes from having to wait for something.
I will be honest, I am not doing well with the patience side of things, but what choice do I have?

When I go out for my daily bicycle ride and the wind is blowing with some force, it’s hard to keep going.
Part of me just wants to give up, go home, and accept that it’s just too difficult.
Another part of me, however, knows it is better to keep on, to tough it out.
So I press on, and, with one exception, I have completed that trip every time.
It certainly was not easy, but having achieved what I set out to do, I felt good about it.
In Iceland, it seems, one is almost always cycling directly into the wind.
The one time I decided to turn around made for a fun run back, I hardly needed to peddle at all.

The more I cycle, the easier it becomes, or, rather, I find I am achieving more.
Greater speed, higher gears, longer distances.
So, although it is arduous, I am growing more as I persist.

Likewise, in life, the ‘wind’ of change has been blowing with some force.
It’s seemed like I was always faced with a ‘headwind’.
I persist, determined to keep on, because I know that is for the better.
I have no real desire to give up and go home.
I want change, and I will keep on, because the only way I need to be going is forward.

Bless Bless og Sjáumst!