Heroes / Hetjur

I am too hard on myself. I need to lighten up (it’s on my ‘to do’ list, still). This is something I have struggled with for a long long time. It can produce excellent results, but it is the “too” part that comes with a heavy price. Hard enough, would be appropriate. It is that balance that I need to find. I try to do my best at everything I set my mind to. I see no point in being wishy-washy about things. Either do it right or don’t bother. For the most part this seems to produce the best results. If I want something, I go for it, I give it my all. There seems to be no point in giving anything less than 100%. There are no guarantees, obviously, but that’s life. If you don’t try, nothing is going to happen, and if you don’t try hard enough … it’s probably going to be a similar result.

I have been re-watching the Heroes series again on DVD. It’s quite entertaining. There is a lot in there, like most fiction, observations on humanity etc. It gives me food for thought. The main characters are people with extra-ordinary abilities, ‘gifts’, and they struggle with how they should use them. Some abuse them, obviously, others feel a responsibility to use them for the greater good. There’s a lot of moral dilemma involved.

I remember someone once saying “There are basically only two types of story, the ‘cinderella story’ and the ‘jesus story’. Heroes would fall into the latter category, as in “Save the cheerleader, save the world” being an oft used phrase and theme throughout the tale. I tried googling this two story theory, but have been unable to find the source, so if you know …

I digress …

Anyway, watching the series again provoked some thoughts:

It is in what seems to be our weakest times that we discover how strong we truly are.

We ought not to try to be too good, nobody likes that. It is in our fragile humanity that we find solace and connection.

Striving to do one’s best is all well and good, but expecting more from any human being (including ourselves), other than what they are actually capable of, is unreasonable, and ultimately harmful.

There is much compassion to be found in realizing that we are no better than each other. Indeed, when we seek to lift each other up we find much benefit therein.

Each of us possesses different ‘gifts’. Recognizing and appreciating them is beneficial to anyone who is able to do so. Our differences can mutually benefit us when we do that and work together.

I am not done watching Heroes, and I am sure more thoughts will be forthcoming.

I want to be successful in life. I don’t define success in terms of money or stuff, but more in terms of relationships, including with myself. A practical example of this might be … not how much money did I make, but did I do a good job, did I do my best. If the answer is yes, then I can feel ‘proud’ of my achievement, and that brings me happiness. Knowing that I can do a good job, and trusting myself to do it, indicates a good relationship with myself. Therein is success.

Bless Bless og Sjáumst!