Space Invaders

We meet again, monochromatic menace
Slowly marching towards certain doom
To the drumbeat of war, quickening with your pace
Taking skittish potshots in hastily stolen moments,
Cowering behind the rubble that was once my glorious fortress

Mothership! … Pow!
How do you like them apples?

Now the last of your kind scurries frantically to and fro


Wait … you mean there’s more?
So we do the dance again
I guess the human race is worth another 10p

[(c) Paul Hutchinson, 25th September 2011]


The hunters and the hunted
Hurtling through cramped corridors of fear
Insatiable golden ball of panic
Eat and run, eat and run
Perpetually powerless and pursued
Flee the four corners, where pellets hold your hope
Let the tables turn
The hunter and the hunted
Quickly now, your time is short

Oh, look … FRUIT!

[(c) Paul Hutchinson, 25th September 2011]

Donkey Kong

Onward, upward,
A relentless desperate dash
Dodging a deluge of danger,
As barrels upon barrels rush past
Jump, little man,
Jump, run, and climb
Rescue your damsel,
There isn’t much time
Girders, ladders,
Barrels aflame
That ape’s out to get ya
Be strong,
Stake your claim
Run, little man,
Run, climb, and jump
Victory is yours,
If you outsmart this chump
Bash things with hammers,
Whatever it takes,
The further you go,
The higher the stakes
As you reach the top
Your resolve is increased
For the sake of beauty
You vanquish the beast

[(c) Paul Hutchinson, 18th October 2011]


Sometimes I feel like a loitering ghost …
… and then you resurrect me from the haunted corners.

Sometimes I feel like a lengthening shadow …
… and then you shine away the errant emptiness.

Sometimes I feel like a lingering echo …
… and then you shatter the stuttering silence.

Your presence presents me with a pleasant predicament.

Dispel this deafening darkness with your deliriously delightful disturbance.

Sometimes …
… sometimes …
… I need you.

[(c) Paul Hutchinson, 13th March 2012]

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